Private versus public security

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Private versus public security

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Private versus Public Security
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Security remains a matter of concern to all persons and considering the security threats in most parts of the world, more people are hiring private security guards as personal bodyguards or to look after their premises and homes. It is the role of the government to provide security to all the citizens at all times regardless of their race, religious affiliation, gender, age or even social class. The significance of public security in securing the nation at the state, county, and national level cannot be overlooked. This is because their interest is the security of all persons, unlike private guards who will only mind about the security of their employees, their homes and their business premises. Lately, there have been numerous complaints regarding the accountability of the nation’s public security and more people have therefore decided to hire private security guards for extra protection (Sparrow, 2014). This proposal explores the differences between public and private security and their significance in securing the nation and all its dwellers.
Everyone yearns to live in a safe and secure environment although this is not always the case. The government will offer security to all its citizens, but there are those who are never content with the quality of services provided. Some people complain that the response of public security is slow and cannot address emergency security concerns. Majority of…

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