Private military contractors

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Private military contractors

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Private Military Contractors
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Private Military Contractors or PMCs are very different from mercenaries. The latter traces its origins to the ancient times of human history while the former is considered a rather recent development, originating in 1965, when a group of former SAS officers formed the WatchGuard International. In fact, private military contractors are rarely used in direct combat and mostly used in security work and protecting private property and businesses in violent and unstable regions. There are other contractors who provide training to form more efficient and professional armed forces for different countries. The main use of PMCs are thus peacekeeping and security purposes and rarely has anything to do with the violence in warzones as projected in popular media.
Role of Private Military Contractors in Recent Years
PMCs have been used in recent years over various regions and parts of the world, both in places of conflict and not so violent places (Pelton, 2003). As a matter of fact, PMCs allow the peaceful atmosphere to be maintained by providing a secure environment for business and trade to occur. Sir David Sterling, one of the founders of WatchGuard International, also established KAS International for the protection of wildlife from illegal hunting and poaching activities. In fact a few PMCs have even taken part in rescue and relief efforts during the hurricane Katrina in the United States. …

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