Prioritization of the Resource Allocation

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Prioritization of the Resource Allocation

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Prioritization of the Resource Allocation
The principle that can be applied in the economic health care is the prioritization of the resource allocation. Most of the resources that are used in the healthcare and the health sector at large are scarce and therefore the priority should be set right to ensure that that the critical factors are given more consideration as compared to those that less efficient or those that cannot cause harm to the patients when they are lacking (Bate and Mitton 282). For example, the nurses and doctors working in the healthcare should be given appropriate training concerning the treatment of an outbreak of a particular disease than majoring on the treatment materials that are not on high demand. It is also recommended to set priorities right when it comes to the purchase of the health materials and equipment. For instance, those elements that are mostly consumed by the patients should be given more weight as compared to those that are rarely used in the hospital.
The fact that the resources used are scarce, the priority should be given to the distribution of these resources in the healthcare to ensure that there are no resources that are provided in excess when the budget is done (Bate and Mitton 279). The budget should also look into the prices of the products that are needed to be purchased. Similarly, those resources that are in high demand should also be given priority so that the lives of th…

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