Presidential Grant Application

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Presidential Grant Application

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Presidential Grant Application
I am very passionate about the field of Psychology and eagerly hope to take a BA Degree with a major in this field. I believe this would be a great degree for me as it would allow me to further my critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis and writing skills. These are all aspects of my personal development that I think are very important and Psychology, I feel, will offer me those skills. I feel I have a lot to learn and also a lot to offer the program. I am inquisitive, creative and hard working. Thus, I would set a good standard for the program, and no doubt strongly motivate my classmates. I believe I have a mind that is ready to learn and will offer my teachers a student that is ready to absorb their knowledge. I have the highest respect for this field of study and the teachers who choose to teach it. I feel they are like gateways for me to understand the world.
I have always had a keen interest in the area of Psychology. From a young age, I was fascinated with human interaction and how the brain works. How people perceive the world and each other. I have always felt that deep down I would someday be a social scientist and figure out something very important about how humans relate to each other and how each person sees the world. Looking at the world through the lens of Psychology I feel would allow me to answer the many questions that have interested me throughout my life. I have a strong int…

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