President Barack Obama Revised

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President Barack Obama Revised

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President Barak Obama
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Barack Obama was America’s 44th President and the first African American to hold such a position. Obama’s father was a Kenyan know as Senior Barack Obama and His mother was Ann Dunham from Kansas. He was born in Hawaii on 4th August 1961. He was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother. He schooled at Punahou school. Afterwards, he completed his college using student loans and scholarships, Obama obtained a political science degree from Columbia University. Later, he went to Havard Law School in 1991 and received a law degree. He got married to Michelle Robinson Obama on 3rd October 1992. They have two children Malia born in 1998 and Sasha who was born in 2001. He was elected as the senator of the Illinois State and served for eight years. He announced his presidential candidature in February 2007 (“Barack Obama,” 2018). He was elected on 4th November 2008 and officially took office on 20th January 2009. He was again re-elected in 2012 where he served and completed his term in January 2017
Obama was elected as the president because he was able to offer the American a coherent policy that would assist in solving the problems of the middle-class people. For example, his plan had programs to repair the country’s economy including reducing tax by $ 1,000 reforming bankruptcy laws that were unfair and promised to create 5 million jobs. His promise to improve practices at Wall Street. People chose him …

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