Prenatal Development

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Prenatal Development

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Prenatal Development
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Folate, also referred to as Vitamin B9 is an important nutrient that essentially contributes to DNA replication. It also serves as a substrate for a variety of enzymatic activities which are involved in vitamin metabolism and amino acids synthesis. (Rasmussen & Clemmensen, 2010). The demands for folate in the body system tend to increase during the pregnancy period. It is vital in the growth and development of the fetus. The shortage or lack of folate in pregnant mothers is associated with abnormalities in both the fetus (genetic defects) and mothers (peripheral Neurotherapy and anemia) (Scholl & Johnson, 2000).
The term folate is basically used as a generic term for the group of chemically related elements that are constructed on the structure of folic acid. Vitamin B9 is among the thirteen most essential elements. It cannot be synthesized anew by the body system and therefore it can only be obtained either from supplementation or from a diet (Greenberg et. al, 2011). Folic acid is an artificial dietetic supplement present in pharmaceutical vitamins and synthetically enriched foods (Wilson et. al, 2007). Neither folic acid nor folate is metabolically active and thus they must be converted to their reduced forms to contribute to cellular metabolism.
Nutritional supplementation using folate during the period of conception has for long been identified to play a significant role in reducing the risk o…

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