Pregnant Women on Drugs

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Pregnant Women on Drugs

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Pregnant Women on Drugs
Data Collection
In this article, Murphy and Rosenbaum use the exploratory research design to collect data. A total of 120 participants took part in the study. These women selected for the study were either pregnant or six months postpartum. The other inclusion criterion used by the authors is that the participants had used either heroin or cocaine for at least twenty-five days during pregnancy. The inclusion criteria also included elimination of participants already in a drug treatment programs. However, those who had left treatment within five days participated in the data collection process to determine reasons for leaving treatment programs. The authors used targeted sampling to select participants fitting the inclusion criteria for the study. Interview schedules are used as the primary method of data collection (Murphy and Rosenbaum 163-167).
Data Analysis
Data analysis for the study was an extensive process that began immediately the interviews were over. A summary statement is generated to show the descriptive and narrative material. Once the interviews, the process of coding on computers started by using a qualitative management program referred to as ethnograph. After coding, the data memoing is done to come up with theoretical memos used for analysis. Moreover, the process of interview guide structuring started once five interviews had been transcribed to enable the researchers to…

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