Power Systems of Electrical Engineering

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Power Systems of Electrical Engineering

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Date of SubmissionOptical Interconnects
Optical interfaces refer to arrays of optoelectronic devices that is of the order of 1000 optical channels. Each of these channels run at a speed of approximately 1 Gigabit per second. This means that they offer an overall capacity of the same speed to any single integrated circuit. There are still unresolved issues in manufacturing processes, architectural design, packaging, and simulation. However, due to advanced technology, it is possible to understand its use in all commercial systems within a short period. One of its use is chip-to-chip communication (Mutig).
The Use optical methods in addressing chip-to-chip interconnection have been there for a long time. However, it is only until recently that the technology with a very good promise of commercial applications was discovered. This was due to the systematic shift from trying to come up with custom VSLI techniques that have inbuilt optoelectronic capability. Developers focused on developing methods allows the tight integration of parallel arrays of fabricated optoelectronic devices with standard foundry electronics (Mutig).
These optics have the capability of reducing energy for any irreversible communication that is at logic level signals and located inside digital processing machines. This is due to the fact that quantum sources and quantum detectors can perform a very effective impedance transfor…

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