Power has been defined in different ways

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Power has been defined in different ways

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So far, power has been defined in different ways. However, each meaning has its own target or intentions to a certain group of people. For instance, it is referred to as the capacity to direct people or administer some form of influence that guides individuals towards certain objectives. It can also be referred to as physical fortitude that comes from a person or something. Any definition is valuable depending in the dimension one is taking to define it. Therefore, power is made significance due to some reasons. First, it shapes both people’s and organization’s plans; for a plan to go through, a manager must have the ability to influence people. Second, power makes policies firm; they guide individuals at each step of their lives. Without policies the world will have been ruined by some people who care only for themselves, all thanks to power. In addition, power has been proved to raise issues in a wider area perspective. For instance, in science, self-performance and even in modern market where people are really fighting to survive and change. However, power has no limit; it is everywhere in the world and in all circumstances. Therefore, aspects that show power are said to be omnipresent and changing; as far as people need to live, they also need power within them.
There are a lot to say when relating power to medieval times as supposed to the modern era. In medieval times, power had concentrated in only on one dimension. The Romans who were in leadership at the ti…

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