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In comparison to the developing countries, the developed countries such as United States of America have a much lower degree of poverty levels. For instance, citizens in the U.S. tend not to starve to death as in the case of citizens in most developing countries, but they do go hungry. They might have access to education, clean water, and healthcare, but they are often homeless and are likely to die much younger than their fellow citizens. The bottom line, however, is that poverty is a worldwide social problem affecting each and every country or state. (Danziger & Cancian, 2009) said that poverty is defined by the United Nations as a denial of choices and opportunities, that is, an inability of individuals to have the basic capacity of effectively participating in the society,
According to the official report in 2014, 46.7 million people were living in poverty in the U.S. making it a 14.8 percent poverty rate. Today, the statistics is not that different with unemployment and high level of dependency being the main causes of poverty. To reduce this poverty level, certain policies have been put in place by major institutional based agencies such as the Non-Governmental Organization and other social welfare organizations, (Benefits.Gov, 2015) states that the U.S. state government has also contributed greatly in the first against poverty in the country.
The current policies on pove…

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