Poverty in the Inner City

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Poverty in the Inner City

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For years, the increase in poverty in the nation’s urban centers has been a pervasive problem. This has led to various scholars and government officials putting forward both economic and non-economic measures based on cultural or structural variables to not only explain but also to curb the problem (Jordan, 2004). The study’s purpose is to determine the role played by cultural and structural factors in the continuous growth of poverty in inner cities.
The scope of the study will focus on inner cities across the United States. It will utilize a macro theory point of view where the role played by cultural and structural variables in the persistent growth of poverty in the inner cities will be analyzed. Since the 70s the country experienced significant structural changes that led to a move from manufacturing industries to service delivery and the scarcity of low-skilled employment in inner cities leading to unemployment (Small and Newman, 2001). Likewise, various cultural or behavioral variables such as the flight of working and middle-class citizens from the inner cities, crime, drug abuse, and teen pregnancies have contributed to increased poverty in these regions (Graif, Gladfelter, and Mathews, 2014). The research can be viewed from a critical realist perspective as it is evident that various structural and cultural factors have contributed to increased and persistent gro…

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