poverty and marginalization

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poverty and marginalization

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Poverty and Marginalization
Poverty is a state whereby an individual lacks the usual and the socially acceptable material possessions and money. The term poverty can also be used to refer to the state of one being inferior in quality or insufficient in regards to an amount. In the modern society, poverty does not only encompass the economic deprivation situation but it can also be used to refer to the physical and emotional deprivation. In the capitalist method, the society used to function according to their merit. The degree of wealth was used as a sign of hard work and the seen as the pay of hard work. On the other hand, the poor were associated with irresponsibility, laziness and they were considered not to deserve the products that were produced by the society. In the modern society, things have changed poverty is no longer associated with laziness. In this excerpt, I will examine the concept of poverty and marginalization in details.
How the Idea of Democracy has evolved to include the Excluded
Solon of the Athenians is considered to be the father of democracy since he managed to unite the highly divided Athenian society in the 6th century BCE and he was the founder of the first democratic state. Solon was considered to be among the poor people in Athenian society. During this time, the powerful nobles in Athens had massive lands that made them fear a civil strife. Solon was chosen to help in solving the problem of inequ…

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