Poverty and Education

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Poverty and Education

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The author of reaching and teaching students in poverty seeks to examine and put into light possible strategies for erasing the opportunity gap. He further cross-examines poverty and economic injustices that affect students in and out of school. Therefore, poverty and schooling form the basis of his book. Gorski believes that socioeconomic as well the larger society disparities do affect the performance of a student. He argues that youth leaving in poverty fail to access essential services and resources as compared to their wealthier peers. The services in question include better health care, healthy food, and quality preschooling (Gorski, 2015).
Gorski argues that the society inclusive of teachers, social workers, and administrators among others all have the capability of eliminating barriers that result in inequitable conditions at schools. He, therefore, insists that it is everyone in schools system responsibility to create and maintain an equitable environment for students in poverty. The author holds that instead of fixing families and students experiencing poverty, fixing the inequalities they experience should come first. Families who live in poverty work for multiple under-wage jobs to make ends meet results in reduced interactions with schools.
As a result of such reduced interactions with school, it gets perceived that families under poverty never get concerned about the education of their children as compared to their wealthier peers. The author disregards this not…

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