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Title: Occupational Therapy for Stroke Patients after Hospital Discharge- A Randomized Controlled Trial
Debility and reduced QOL (Quality of Life) parameters significantly impair the prognosis of stroke patients (Anderson et al., 2002). Hence, different studies have endorsed the need for effective post-stroke rehabilitation strategies in reducing the BOI (Burden of Disease) across concerned stakeholders. Based on this background the authors designed their research. The authors explored the influence of continuous rehabilitation (CI) by the OTS (Occupational Therapists) on outcomes across post-stroke patients.
Patient Description
110 patients of stroke patients
Patients received either OT along with their normal post-stroke follow-up services (intervention group) or only post-stroke follow-up services (controls). The two groups were compared post-one year after treatment initiation.
Individuals in the intervention group exhibited greater QOL parameters including elevated mood, need of less aids for their daily activities (p=0.05) and significant reduction in the incidence of hospital readmission compared to their control counterparts (p=0.03) (Corr & Bayer, 1995)
Debility and reduced QOL (Q…

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