Post-Traumatic Disorder from Child Sexual Trauma

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Post-Traumatic Disorder from Child Sexual Trauma

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Post-Traumatic Disorder: Sexual Abuse TraumaPost-traumatic disorder refers to a health condition that mostly affects a child’s mental function that is usually triggered by traumatizing events that may have been witnessed or experienced. This assessment focuses on the child sexual abuse, its post-traumatic stress symptoms, and causes, intervention, and education programs
Child sexual abuse typically involves the occurrence of different types of sexual behavior between a child or adolescent and an older individual or between a child and another adolescent. The sexual behaviors that are sexually abusive in most cases they involve body contact such as touching, genital caressing, kissing, and sexual intercourse. In other circumstances, sexually abusive behaviors do not necessarily involve contacts like the genital exposure, verbal pressures for intimacy, and the exploitation of sex (Cook et al. 392).
Symptoms and Causes
The post-traumatic symptoms of stress disorder may begin after a month of traumatic stress, and in other cases, it may appear years after the occurrence of the ordeal. The symptoms have adverse effects on the ability of the child to relate well in social aspects, in relationships and interfere with their daily activities. The symptoms are such as having intrusive memories that may include having nightmares about the ordeal, extreme emotional distress, experiencing flashbacks, and having distressing recurrent m…

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