Positive bacillus

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Positive bacillus

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Morphological Characteristics
Bacteria comes with different shapes and forms and different genera comes with their specific shapes and sizes. The shapes are hard to determine with unaided eye though, a clear distinction can be made with a microscope. Bacteria comes with fie destine shapes; the rod shape (bacilli), corkscrew (spirochaetes), spherical (cocci), comma shape (vibrio) and spiral (spirilla)In our experiment, we observed rod-shaped bacteria indicating the presence of bacteria from bacilli genus
Colonial morphology
To further rule out more gram-positive bacteria a starch test is carried out on the colonies. Starch test involves putting the bacteria colonies in a favorable growth medium. Starch is essential for some bacteria growth though starch molecules are too large to penetrate through their cell walls. Therefore, the bacteria used another effective way to digest the adjacent starch molecules by secreting enzymes that digest starch into smaller particles that can penetrate through their cell walls. Glucosidase and amylase are enzymes the bacteria use to hydrolyze starch. In this experiment, the blood agar is used as a source of starch and iodine is added into the solution with the bacteria colony. Depending on the concentration of starch in the solution iodine turns black blue or purple. From the experiment, the areas surrounding the bacteria colonies turned from deep blue to pale yellow indicating th…

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