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PART B: Portfolio
45 Minutes Tuesday
35 Minutes Wednesday
40Minutes Thursday
15 minutes Friday
35 Minutes Saturday
35 Minutes Sunday
10 Minutes
Running-15 mins
Squats-50 Reps
But for kicks – 30 Reps
Supermans- 30 Reps
Bicycle-15 mins Jogging-10 Mins
Jumping rope-10 Mins
Low Impact Aerobics – 20 Reps
Heel Walking-5 mins
Yoga- 20 mins
Biking – 5 mins
Squats-20 Reps
Burpees –30 Reps
Straight leg Deadlift rows – 10 Reps
Rest Day
Walk- 15 minutes Running- 20 mins
Crunches – 30 Reps
Biking- 10 mins
Pushups-50 reps
Hundred- 2 minutes
High Knees-1 Minute
Jump rope- 1 Minute
Walk- 20 mins
Lifting Weights- 30 Reps Rest Day
Walk- 10 minutes
Specific: My specific goal is to ensure that by the end of the week I will have done a whole work out that to keep fit.
Measurable: I will make sure that I do Yoga for 30 minutes in a week and other activities that improve my breathing systems and forms a few my muscles. On my rest days, I will also do physical activities for at least 20 minutes.
Achievable: The goal of the workout is feasible because I am very determined and I used to do some of the activities without the necessary resources, and the results were impressing though in a strenuous workout. Now that I have the treadmill installed in a considerable space to perform all the exercises at the comfort of my house, I have all the necessary reso…

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