Populism and Progressivism

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Populism and Progressivism

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Populism and Progressivism
Question one
The main complaint of the populists is that they needed a centralized form of ruling after the drastic civil war. At that time, there was a division of classes whereby the rich ruled regarding to their interest whereas the poor suffered and the rate of poverty, worker dissatisfaction, over labor rose (Norton 51). Also, rich peasants chased out small farmers. As a result of this, bankers charged high interests leading to economic inflation. On the other hand, the industrial revolution and urbanization were neglected. It is due to the need for addressing these issues that populism emerged.
Based on Johnson (99), the populists were successful in bringing freedom and government to the people. Eventually, they started collaboration and forming resistance parties in their fight. In the late 19th century, they started by forming a political challenger that was commonly known as the people’s party (Norton 24). It then became the Farmers Alliance in the 1890s because farmers were discontented and reforms including government regulation of free market were made. As stated by Norton (45), in 1892 the Omaha Platform was formed, and the first presidential candidate James B. Weaver was selected. The agenda of the Omaha was the removal of banks, the election of senators, farmers’ freedom, railways, telephones to be nationalized.
Question two
Progressivism not only brought unity to the Ame…

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