Political science Synthesis Essay

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Political science Synthesis Essay

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Arendt reiterates that action is an essential part of the human condition and is the highest form of vita activa (the active life). An individual’s active life can be discussed in three forms, which are action, labor, and work. In her definition, labor denotes the activities under the human condition of life, while work is deeds that are bound to worldly orders. Action defines activities linked to the state of plurality. Ardent is keen to note that the main aspects of action are plurality and freedom. In her arguments, freedom denotes the potential to initiate and undertake the unexpected. According to Arendt, this freedom is bestowed on everyone upon birth. In this regard, each birth represents different inceptions and the instigation of innovation (leading to modernity) in the world. Because each birth translates to the assurance of new dawns, and the possibility of the unexpected, action, presents as a unique platform to discuss political uprisings and revolutions. Perhaps the best example of political action in the history of the United States is the American Revolution. In this illustration, the constitution of liberty was a direct result of the act of beginning.
According to Arendt, the letters and recollections of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution show that they had encountered unanticipated elation in action. Intrinsically, through action, these individuals had acquired a yearning for public freedom. And this ta…

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