Political science Self Evaluation Essay

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Political science Self Evaluation Essay

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Because the interests of the most potent states shape the nature of the global economy. A free trade network only prevails when a single state dominates the international scene because this nation can cushion the expenses attendant to establishing such as system. If multiple powers characterize the global scene, there will be constant conflicts with regards to contradicting interests from these states.
From the above, it is clear that globalization has an apodictic pacifying outcome. Vested interests resulting from trade may impact policy and eventually lead to unpopular political decisions. Such moves may result in conflicts, which can degenerate into wars.
Because the concept of positivism relies on knowledge from natural experiences, their characteristics, and relations. Reason and logic decipher information acquired through sensory encounters, forming empirical evidence. Under this paradigm, the society is a physical domain, and metaphysical, theological, intuitive and subjective knowledge is rejected as they cannot be substantiated through sensory encounters. Disregarding abstract information results in a skewed and conservative representation of social reality. This artificial exemplification supports the existing state of affairs and offers limited avenues for challenging it. In politics and economy, maintaining the status quo is detrimental to the society as it makes it less adaptable to change.
The imbalance results from disproportional investments a…

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