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Political science Evaluation essay

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The debate about international regulation of the environmental issues is gaining significance especially with its increasing encroachment on dominant interests. In the biodiversity politics, the primary concerns are the intellectual property rights, benefits sharing and the access to resources (Brand & Görg, 2003). The legislation dealing with the access to biodiversity resources should be progressive from the aspect of the weaker actors if they are to regulate access in the interest of all the actors inclusively. This should be based on the concrete implementation of the international and national legal provisions, the building of the institutional and knowledge capacities. In this regard, it could be shown that the conservation of the biodiversity is anchored in these dominant developments.
In both national and international level, the environmental politics are preconditions for the existing economic processes that create institutional frameworks for the appropriation of the contested nature. The regulation of the biodiversity helps people to understand the different actors and their conflicting interest (Clua-Losada, 2017). This is important, especially because many people think that they are not affected by the environmental changes. Further, to effectively accommodate the interest of all the groups in the society, there is the need for the application of useful strategies, power play and coalitions in the manage…

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