Political Realism

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Political Realism

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Political Realism
The author describes a political realist as an individual considered to be an enemy of the cosmopolitan (Carter 93). As per the book, political realism is a term used in the field of politics, especially in the international arena. This is to mean that many nations, with their preferred interests, are considered. After a keen analysis of the matters presented by the author, one can conclude that political realism gives much emphasis on the role of the nation-state, motivated by some moral concerns.
Accordingly, realists argue that morality consists a set of various rules and obligations, which rational people must adhere to for their benefit. Compliance is also an important aspect to realists; they must comply, and to ensure compliance, the existence of a government or authority is mandatory. However, there exist no rules to govern or oversee the same in the international perspective.
To understand aspects of morality in an enhanced mannerism, the author describes inputs of various personnel across the world and their arguments concerning human decency and the international perspective. One of the key players, whose contribution is very significant is a British Philosopher, Hobbes, who argued that there is a strong relationship between morality and the available rules, which must be necessary when people live together in a given social setting.
From the aspects as mentioned above, it is crucial that …

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