Political Party: Democrat

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Political Party: Democrat

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The Democratic Party

History of the Democratic Party
The modern Democratic Party originated the prior Jeffersonian Republican also referred to as the Democratic-Republican. The Democratic-Republican Party was formed in 1792 through the efforts of Thomas Jefferson and other prominent federalists (Formisano, 2015). The party was oriented towards republicanism. It also advocated strict Constitutional observance, opposed the National banking system, and favored weak federal governance, advocated for state rights and interests of the agrarians (Formisano, 2015). The war of 1812 marked the end of the federalists. It left the Democratic-Republican as the stand-alone party in the United States. Its rule ended in the early 1830s following the formation of the Whig Party. The Democratic-Republican Party due to internal conflicts went on to split into several factions due to Successor choices. It became the modern Democratic Party.
Democratic Party’s Official Political Platform
The Democratic Party’s official platform provides immunity to social programs, consumers and labor unions. It also advocates for workplace safety, racial equality, environmental conservation, equal opportunity, clean energy options, fair trade policies and embracing illegal immigrants through citizenship (Democrats, 2018).
Prominent Slogans used by Party Candidates
During Hillary Clintons Campaign, the prominent slogans were ‘Hillary for America, Fighting for us, I’m with h…

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