Political Parties and the Electoral Process

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Political Parties and the Electoral Process

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American Political Parties: Electoral Process
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The American political atmosphere has always been dominated by two major political blocks; the democratic and the republican parties. So far, they are not only the most stable political parties but also the oldest ones. The democrats and republicans have the symbols of donkey and elephants respectively, created by Thomas Nast in the 1870s. The two vary on the policy issues they support for instance, one party may have favorable policies that promote free and fair trade while the other may have a not so conducive similar policy but then, it may have a better policy on matters of healthcare services to American (Gelman & King, 1993). The two parties’ dominance have ensured small parties never make it to more influential positions. Even the campaigns have increasingly been expensive for small parties to afford in the quest for more powerful seats.
Ideological differences between the democratic and the republican parties
Democrats and Republicans are based on various ideological differences and mostly are considered to be either center right or center left on different issues. Both parties at times represent the same issue, but the difference occurs on an action plan. Democratic Party may present a different strategy to address a policy issue so is the Republican. From the difference, Americans get the chance to align with the party with the most favor…

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