Political Ideologies

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Political Ideologies

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Political Ideologies
The website emphasizes the importance of using both the social and economic dimensions for an effective political evaluation. The website believes that measuring political ideology is best performed along two axes including the economic axis which evaluates one’s view on the best way to run an economy. Economic result involves left or right leaning whereby the ‘left’ suggests the need to running the economy by a cooperative collective organization or the state. The ‘right’ describes the need to run an economy using competing organizations and individuals. The social axis involves authoritarian and libertarian alignment which weighs an individual’s political view concerning how much personal freedom an individual perceives as right amount. Authoritarianism supports obeying the authority whereas libertarianism supports the maximization of personal freedom.
Current Position
The results place me at Economic (Left-Right) -4.75 and Social (Authoritarian/ Libertarian) -3.23 which associates me with Gandhi, a liberal leftist. This position is correct as it reflects personal beliefs in the value of all people irrespective of their position in a society or their flaws. It appears the stand is a less extreme leftist position in which implies that the economy should be run mainly by the government than individuals to reduce the likelihood of capitalism. As a result, such an economy can h…

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