Political Ideologies and Corruption

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Political Ideologies and Corruption

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3-1 Discussion
Government Overview (Central Intelligence Agency 1)
Government type The Constitutional Federal Republic
The Political leader(s) President Donald J. Trump
Vice president Michael R. Pence
Political Pressure (or opposition) Groups Democratic Party
Greens Party
Libertarian Party
Republic Party
Recent elections in November 2016 showed support for the Republic Party.
Recent Changes in Governing Rule Trump took office as both chief of state and head of government on 20th January 2017.
Corruption (Transparency International 1)
Corruption Perception Index Rank:16/169
Score: 75/100
Enforcement Moderate. The USA has in the past few years made great strides in fighting corruption.
Bribery Measures There are laws and mechanisms to curb corruption. These include legal investigations of corruption cases.
Business Observations
For businesses, the above political risks mean that the prevailing conditions might affect the operations of the firms. The conditions are more likely to affect the profitability of these firms, and hence there is a high probability that investors and firms would lose their investments.
The main challenges firms face while operating in corruption-prone countries include the following. First, there is the likelihood that incompetent leaders would lead most organizations. With corruption, academic qualification and other forms of communication would be of secondary needs considered during recruitments. Another…

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