police corrution and crime

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police corrution and crime

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Police Crimes and Police Corruption

Police Crimes and Police Corruption
Police commit several misconducts, but little is known about them as there is no national data available for analysis. As a result of the absence of substantive data, researchers have utilized other methods, for instance, quasi-experiments, surveys, internal agency records, field studies among others to obtain data on police misconduct (Stinson, Liederbach & Freiburger, 2012). The misconduct can be committed on the job or while off-duty.
The misuse of police authority to benefit personally is known as police corruption. Some examples include fencing stolen property, bribery, selling drugs and extortion. Police corruption belittles police integrity as well as tarnishing the public image of police. Additionally, it is a crime and helps in protecting other crimes as a prostitution and drug dealing (Chang & Yang, 2000). The law enforcement officers often get involved with police corruption while on duty.
Police crimes are wrongdoing committed by law enforcers who have powers to arrest beings on the commission of wrongs. Police officers can commit the crimes while either on or off duty. Some on-duty crime includes wrongful death, malicious prosecution, police brutality, and false arrests and imprisonment. On the other hand, some off-duty crimes include drunk driving, domestic violence, sexual offenses and bar fights.
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