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Poetry Revised

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By Tess Gallagher
I go to the mountain sideof the house to cut saplings,and clear a view to snowon the mountain. But when I look up,saw in hand, I see a nest clutched inthe uppermost branches.I don’t cut that one.I don’t cut the others either.Suddenly, in every tree,   an unseen nestwhere a mountain   would be.                                      for Drago Štambuk
The poet’s life and background
Tess Gallagher is a poet, writer of essays and short stories, born in 1943 in Port Angeles, Washington. Her family dealt with logging; therefore, she grew up visiting the forests. After obtaining her degree, she went ahead and taught in Universities such as St. Lawrence, University of Arizona and University of Montana among others. She is married to Raymond Carver, a short story writer who passed on in 1988. Most of Her poetry collections have been published (Magazine, par. 1-5)
The occasion/ date the poem was written
The poet was dedicating this poem to Drago Stambuk a fellow poet who is passionate about nature and conservation. This poem is part of her many poem collections written in the late ‘90s.
● Form and meter (fixed forms? Line lengths? Stanzas?)
The poem has only one stanza and twelve lines of different lengths.
The poem does not have a fixed form as syllables vary with both stressed and unstressed syllables.
● Rhyme scheme and sound devices (alliteration, assonance, repetition, etc.) …

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