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General Discussion: Skepticism
In situations where one maintains a skeptical view, then the chances of grasping new ideas are quite cumbersome. It is like never learning anything. In summary one becomes a crotchety misanthrope who is convinced what rules the universe is all crap. Yes, there are data in support of that this is because most of the scientific discoveries are quite rare and what will confirm one’s grumpiness is the experiences they have had to go through (Sagan n.pag). In situations where one is uncompromisingly and resolutely skeptical, it is evident that you are going to resent and miss out of the transformational discoveries in the sciences arena. You will be obstructing progress and comprehension with this much skeptics. This essay aims at explaining various insights of skepticism, and how they relate to openness of new ideas. Below are the explanations.
Scanty skepticism is inadequate. On the other hand, science demands the most vigorous and robust skepticism; this is attributed to the fact that most the ideas are wrong and the best way distinguish the chaff from wheat is to winnow it. This means that owing to the fact that most scientific facts are wrong, the best way to recognize the true from wrong is through thorough analysis and experiments (Sagan n.pag). However, in cases where one is open to that level of gullibility, and there is lack of microgram skepticism sense in this kind of a person, then the ability to dis…

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