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DateStatistical Case Studies Analysis
The first section in a case study is the introduction which explains the subject of analysis and why it was essential to study that particular topic. Secondly, the literature review provides background data and previous interpretations concerning the subject matter. This section explains how each publication mentioned relates to the subject. The methodology aspect recounts the strategies used in research and why each method was selected. The fourth aspect of a case study is the discussion section. Here, the researcher interprets the data collected, makes various conclusions and predictions based on this information, and acknowledges the shortcomings of their study. In the conclusion section, the researcher summarizes their points and narrates how their results affect any future research regarding the topic of discussion.
The case studies involve analysis concerning airline delays in New York airports and how much a fireplace costs in homes all around America. One similar aspect between the two case studies involves the methods used to collect data. Horton and Baumer imported the data they used in their article from the dataset in the Airline Delays website (15). On the other hand, De Veaux imported his information from a dataset available on an educational website (2). Secondly, the authors of both case studies present their results using graphical displays, for example, bar charts and histograms. Horton and …

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