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Social Psychology

Social Psychology
Elder abuse is the deliberate action of a caregiver or any other person who is closely related to a senior, and often such an action causes risks of harm to the person (Essential interviewing, 2018). The older adult can face different forms of abuse including physical, sexual, emotional or financial exploitation. Upon realizing that an adult is abused, they should be taken to health therapists to examine injury and provide a treatment where necessary.
Vascular dementia is caused by particular occurrences such as stroke or the ischemic attack in situations where the blood flow to the brain is interrupted (Essential interviewing, 2018). On the other hand, a developing Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by components such as poor lifestyle, genetically disorders and environmental factors.
Both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia are forms of dementia that are common among the elderly.
There is no specific treatment for the Alzheimer’s type dementia, but often the victims must work closely with their doctors to treat the symptoms (Essential interviewing, 2018). No medication can guarantee a cure for dementia but can only assist with the symptoms for a period. A doctor can only prescribe medication for the treatment of the problems which are caused by dementia such as trouble sleeping, irritability and depression.
The society can influence the eating habits of individuals primarily in the sit…

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