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Professional Etiquette and Career Change
Question 1
The Importance of Social Behavior
The way employees behave in their workplace has a corresponding effect on the output of the organization and consequently its success. It follows that how each employee behaves also impacts many areas of the job and can impact the firm’s productivity either positively or negatively. On the one hand, the undesirable social behaviors could lead to loss of jobs and low morale. On the other hand, acting professionally results in individual career growth and many other benefits for the company.
As asserted by many organizational behavior experts, workers are the face of any organization, and outsiders form a perception of the organization based on staff’s behavior. If the employees portray a good company image, more clients will be lured to bring their business to the organization due to the satisfaction they derive from the employees’ good behavior. More clients will imply more revenue and perhaps increased salaries for employees. Conversely, when employees do not uphold professionalism and good social behavior, customers will turn away, leading to low revenues (Muafi, 2011).
It is also true that proper etiquette, high level of professionalism and respect on the part of the employees leads to cohesiveness. Such employees can work towards shared company objectives. Unfortunately, when employees don’t exhibit professionalism, it may lead to resentment, animosity…

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