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AB1: Chou, D. C. (2015). Cloud computing: A value creation model. Computer Standards &
Interfaces, 38, 72-77.
The book analyzes the benefits and validity of adopting cloud computing operations in organizations. Chou intends to analyze value component and risks within cloud computing practices.. The author discusses the relationship between sustainable information technology and cloud computing practices. With employed survey, his value creation model shows safety and economical in terms of costs.
With exception, the author is aware of ever increasing need of cloud computing practices due to the advancement of technology, With limitation of experience and ethical implication of his research, the author has supplemented his methods and techniques with scholarly research on the dynamics in cloud practices, and. The study is timely and it will be able to guide accurately factors to be considered by the companies while making a decision on techniques of handling large data and analytical values.
The findings have identified possible gaps in technology and provide recommendations for the research community on future directions on Cloud-supported analytics and Big Data computing solutions. Some of the findings could be used to address issues that some organizations face in computing, data that is reliable and cost efficient for small business. Health care organizations are the best example of users that are struggling with …

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