please i want jornual for i every question

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please i want jornual for i every question

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I bow to the energy of the world, to the almighty power of nature and change, I shall let it pass through and over me. I receive change in my life and vow myself to never stop changing, changing is energy and energy is life.
In the sacred energy of the universe, I shall find respite. The light of the universe shall bring me peace and strength to learn how I can change the things surrounding me, affecting and effecting myself and others.
I devote to myself and my inner strength, as I make capable of moving any obstacle and overcoming any difficulty, for I am part of the infinite light of the Almighty, who protects me and blesses me.
Like the bamboo that swings with the wind, I must be flexible to let change happen regardless my fears and notions. Change is necessary, and changing is life, I welcome it to my life.
I worship the world as it is present in my life. I praise heavens and what is beyond. I admire nature as it is present on this earth that gives me sustenance. I meditate in the great power of life, and I ask it to illuminate me and my actions, so I become enlightened like those before me.
Journal Entries
1-How are you Feeling in your body?
Yoga practice has worked wonders to my body and spirit. I passed from having a wimpy body to a more toned version of the same body. I would not say that I have gained muscle, or lost weight, but I surely feel nimbler and much more able to stretch and control …

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