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Plato was an Athenian Greek and pre-eminent Greek philosopher who lived between 427 and 347 BC. He is well known for his dialogues and for founding the Academy north of Athens. Plato`s real name was Aristocles but he obtained the name Plato from wrestling circles (Nails 2). Plato, having come from an aristocratic family and well connected to the political class, he was expected to pursue a political career. However, he showed much interest in the arts. In his early youthful stage, he wrote plays and poetry.
Socrates`s teachings made Plato abandon his plan to pursue a poetic career as a playwright. As some of his writings indicate, he was a devoted follower of Socrates because some of his earliest writings were composed to defend Socrates until in his early twenties. One of the most notable articles is the Apology. The Apology claims to reproduce the speeches Socrates gave at his trial (Nails 7). There are some other dialogues which indicated Plato’s entry point to the philosophical career such as the charmides and the gorgias.
The name Plato cannot be discussed without highlighting the two major philosophical theories. The theory of the form and the doctrines of the Immortality of the Soul. In order to explain his metaphysical views, Plato used a number of analogies. They include the metaphor of the sun, the allegory of the cafe, and the divided line. The Form of the Good, is the backbone of knowledge, wh…

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