Platinum Company Policies

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Platinum Company Policies

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Platinum Distributors Company Policies
Introductory language policies
A welcome is a letter issued to each employee that confirms their decision to work in the organization and therefore, it makes them feel appreciated and welcomed.
At-will employee
It means that the employer can terminate the employment contract at any time for specific reasons apart from illegal ones. Similarly, the employee can leave at their own will with no adverse legal implications.
Ethics code
Our company professional requires that our employees dress in formal suits and tie for men while on Fridays everyone is allowed to dress in business casual.
Platinum requires that every personnel maintain confidentiality when handling customer’ private information
Every employee at platinum distributors should act to safeguard company assets including digital properties, physical and intellectual.
Platinum Distributors does not condone bribery and corruption, and therefore every employee is expected to discharge their duties impartially and legally.
Employees may use the internet whenever appropriate to access relevant information necessary for business conduct.
Hiring and orientation policy
Our organization provides all employees an orientation session to acquaint them with the company’s values, mission, vision, culture, and strategic plan.
EEO Statement and Non-Harassment Policy
Platinum Distributors Company is an organization that adheres to the principle of equal opportunit…

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