planning for HR results

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planning for HR results

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Human Resource Management
Institutional Affiliation
This research paper is meant to explain the role of the Human Resource Management department in handling employees’ welfare and concerns. It also gives the procedural approach of Human Resource Manager that will be taken to handle the requests raised by the employees in accordance to the rights that employees enjoy in the workplace as well as the reasons for factoring in the union grievances system. This paper focuses on a journal on management that was written by Scott on management governance theories of justice and liberty 1998. He explains the theory of management and the roles of the liberty as well as the principles of justice in management. He also outlines basic steps to undertake when setting up employee benefits or allowances. Furthermore, gives an insight into the procedural approach system that involves the union if the company in question is qualified to have its employees join a union.
KEY WORDS: Management, Principles, Procedure, Human Resource
Planning for HR Results
Apparently, it is a serious challenge to companies of all sizes when it comes to identifying the right compensation and benefits policies. Therefore, steps to undertake when establishing this particular benefits are necessary. For instance, in providing health benefits, there are two; health insurance reimbursement plan in which employees are entitled to a fixed amount of allowance that the employer can use to…

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