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plan for change

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Plan for Change
Identify a specific policy or cultural norm that you would like to change.
One policy that I would like to change is that of Civil Rights which require schools to give equal opportunities in sports to those students with disabilities.
2. Why did you choose this particular policy or the cultural norm?
I chose the policy because my friend experienced an accident and in the process lost his hearing ability. After that, he could not be accommodated in the club basketball team and had to stop competing at a high level. I felt that something should be done to assist people with disability in sports, especially when they have to play with their peers who do not have a disability.
3. Explain the policy or norm in detail.
Generally, the Civil Rights policy explain that disable children should be allowed to participate in sports alongside their peers. They should not be discriminated based on physical, intellectual, developmental, or any other form of disability (Duncan). Therefore, the existing regulations mainly prohibit schools from denying qualified but disabled students the ability to participate in sports.
4. Who does this policy or cultural norm privilege? Who does it discriminate against? Use examples to explain.
Overall, the policy appears favoring regular students. Upon a closer look, one notices that the system discriminates against the disabled since it does not have sections which enc…

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