Plague of London

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Plague of London

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Plague of London
The plague of London claimed many lives of the citizens of England. It took place in 1665 killing over 100,000 people. Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year covers the various events during the time in great detail. Similarly, Samuel Pepys in his book The Shorter Pepys explored the bubonic plague in England. The three sources are useful in giving information about the time of the epidemic in London for the research.
Samuel Pepys, the author of the first source, was a navy administrator of England during the plague of London. Pepys wrote down all the days’ occurrences in his diary (Latham 12). His writing succeeds in informing the audience about the state during the plague of London, but it claims a limited treatment since the log only captures what Pepys observed. The source covers the whole extent of the happenings during the plague and does not exclude any material since it is the original work of the author.
Daniel Defoe was an English journalist and a spy. He wrote about the plague based on the journals of his uncle, Henry Foe and it was published by a reputable publisher E. Nutt (Defoe 1). Defoe went to great lengths in fulfilling his purpose of achieving an effect of verisimilitude. His work exhaustively identified the specific households and streets where events occurred as well as casualty figures. The novel covered most of the events that transpired during the plague but not all since the aut…

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