physician assisted suicide (pas)

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physician assisted suicide (pas)

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Physically Assisted Suicide
Physician-assisted suicide has been and still one of the major issues in American society. Questions whether a physician can assist a terminally ill patient in committing suicide by prescribing him or her lethal medications and if the act is morally justifiable have split the population for a long time. Physically Assisted Suicide occurs a patient’s death is facilitated by a physician who provides the necessary means or information that enables the patient to carry out a life-ending act (Weir, 12).
For some people, the most powerful and persuasive argument that supports suicide concerns increasing people’s liberty. On this view, proper to the ancient disagreement about how to face suffering, pain and death are to allow people to choose the sort of assistance in dying that best suits them. Competent, rational, and informed individuals may decide that their lives are no longer worth living and want to plan the time and circumstance of their death. In their view, maximizing options for people defends their distinct interests and perspectives, protecting from social manipulation. People should decide how to end their lives when it is intolerable to them, on this view; their actions typically affect no one else, and usually this option allows an individual to avoid suffering or what is to them a humiliating or dishonorable existence. Allowing people to have a free choice about the sort of …

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