Physical Exercise

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Physical Exercise

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According to the first evaluation that I conducted concerning the curl-up test, I managed to conduct twenty-two curl-ups in one minute. Based on the result, that I got from the first test, it shows that my body muscles are strong and can easily endure my body weight whenever am performing my physical exercises. In the second text where I was testing my flexibility, I got a score of 38 cm. This indicates that the flexibility of my body can easily adjust to the stretch that is applied to it. I have been able to acquire this stretch because of the constant exercise that I do on a daily basis. And finally, the last test that I conducted of a mile walk, I managed to complete my walk within the 13:01. This was as a result of the constant practice that I do every morning when I wake up to make me remain physically fit. These results I obtained were an indication that I am of good health.
My health-lifestyle is average since I don’t overdo the exercise such that it can bring negative impact to my body (Vitelli Np). And also since the activities that I conduct do not give my body some form of exercise, it prefers taking some of my times in the morning to ensure that I maintain the fitness of my body. The exercise also helps my body to burn down excess calories that can cause obesity and other health diseases like diabetes.
The topic is relevant to the current issues since there are several cases of obesity that is experienced in the countr…

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