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Photosynthesis is the mechanism through which plants, some protistans, and some bacteria produce glucose from water and carbon dioxide using sunlight energy. The glucose can be transformed into pyruvates which produce Oxygen and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through respiration. The transformation of direct energy from sunlight into chemical energy is attributed to the role played by chlorophyll, the green pigment. Chlorophyll is an extensive significant compound in this mechanism. Several variations of chlorophyll exist among plants and other organisms that perform photosynthesis (Maurino & Weber, 2012).
In many plants, Chlorophyll is contained in the leaves not all plants have leaves. However, leaves may be seen as solar panels that collect solar energy (Buchanan, 2015). The input material for the process of photosynthesis is carbon dioxide and water. The CO2 enters the plant through the leaf through the stomata. In most plants, water enters the plant through the root where it is conveyed to the leaves by xylem vessels, which are specialized plant cells (Taiz et al., 2015). Photosynthesis undergoes two comprehensive phases that are the light-dependent stage and the popular light-independent level also noted as the Calvin cycle (RSC Organization Website, 2018)
Stages of photosynthesis
Light-Dependent stage
Light-dependent stage necessitates sunlight energy. In the light-stage, sunlight energy is tak…

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