Philosophy Case study

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Philosophy Case study

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• Ask Michelle to train co-workers on persuasive skills but exclude lies.
• Relocate Michelle to cashier desk since she already knows the business flow.
• Ask her to stop being so proactive in marketing the product to moderate proactivity.
Advertisements are meant to manipulate through persuading customers to purchase given products. Successful business across the globe is not only based on the competent teamwork, but also on proper marketing language and strategies. Michelle seems to be having a natural marketing strategy that is yielding the shop high profits. Her action can be explained by various theories of persuasion that include the conversion theory, the information manipulation theory, the scarcity principle theory, and the concept of amplification hypothesis.
In the concept of amplification hypothesis, this states that when you explain some ideas to a person or persons with a voice of certainty the idea will be readily conceived in the audience mind as realistic and reliable. The opposite is true where the audience detects uncertainty they may not trust the idea being expressed and may not be moved by the persuasion. In this context the customer cognitive attitude is influenced, which moves his/her emotions to purchase whatever product intended. Michelle has been persuading the customers expressing that the shoes in the shop are the best in the market. With a voice of certainty, and which markets the shop that it’s selling best shoes s…

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