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Philosophy Argumentative essay

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The social and political conflict in America today should be addressed by strict adherence to the provisions of the social contract theory. This school of thought was developed by Thomas Hobbes who in The Leviathan was described as harmonious living between the rulers and the ruled. In this way, a state attains harmonious existence while guaranteeing its citizens’ rights. This basis is crucial to present day America as indeed part of the conflict has its founding on a belief of illegitimacy of the rulers (Cook et al. 14).
Ideally, the social contract theory suggests that when people come together to form a society, they create a pool of power for which they appoint overseers. These, in essence, are servants of the subjects. It is the lack of this mindset amongst American political leaders that not only motivates them to serve selfish interests but also blind them to reasonable ideas from their opponents (Cook et al. 14). It is likely that the political elite will give this proposition a nod, seeing as it does not necessitate a change in anything but ideology. An endeavor towards a serving attitude by the political class is likely to have a trickle-down effect. In an application of this formula, a procedural integration system touching on all core aspects of governance ought to be in place. In policymaking, there is a dire need to address and modify the popular vote system. This is owing to the potential bias of this system against minorities — a …

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