persuasive theories revised

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persuasive theories revised

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Persuasive Theories

Persuasion in communication is part of human life. The paper defines persuasion as communication that is aimed at influencing or modifying the beliefs, values, beliefs, and attitudes of other people. A person communicating is obligated to make their message persuasive for them to affect another group of people or an individual to buy their beliefs. Persuasion plays a significant role in every aspect of human life that includes political, social, relational, and religious life. There are some models that have been created to help in creating a clear understanding of how persuasion works. The important theories of persuasion that are discussed in this paper include cognitive dissonance theory and social judgment theory. The cognitive dissonance theory provides that the art of persuasion does not simply involve giving new or refined beliefs. The theory predicts that influence arises as an intrapersonal event that happens when there is a disconnect between an individual’s attitudes and their behavior. On the other hand, the social judgment theory provides that the knowledge of an individual’s perspective on subjects helps in giving clues on how that person can be approached persuasively. The two theories are essential in creating an understanding of how persuasion works in human beings.

Persuasive Theories
Human beings are naturally created to be social. However, one needs to utilize unique skills and kno…

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