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persuasive letter

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Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
Course Number
Hellen Brown,
P.O Box, 164,
Washington D.C.
7th December 2015.
The Principal,
The Junior High Academy,
P.O Box, 113,
Washington D.C.
Dear Mrs. Smith,
I received a letter yesterday informing me of my son’s detention that is scheduled this coming Friday, the 10th of December. As a parent and the only guardian to Alex, I have personal concerns on this matter. This is not the first time that Alex is receiving such a punishment in your school, and Mr. Maxwell can bare me witness that I have never disagreed with him in the past concerning my son’s detention. In this particular punishment, however, a lot is at stake, and that explains my disagreement with Mr. Maxwell.
Alex’s rebelliousness and defying nature is a matter that I am deeply aware of, and I have been trying my best a s apparent to help him out in that area of his life. I recently enrolled him to three months counseling and monitoring sessions with an expert that I believe will help transform him positively. He is only three weeks into the program, and I am already seeing some minor changes in him such as him doing his homework in the scheduled time and taking a shower on a regular basis.
The detention scheduled date falls on the same date with the school monitoring session by the counseling expert, and that is my greatest worry. I understand Mr. Maxwell’s frustration of being humiliated in the whole …

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