Personality Types A B C and D

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Personality Types A B C and D

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Personality Types: A, B, C, and D
There are 8 personality types among human beings caused by different elements (Ansari et al. 1002). Each type results from different genetic and environmental factors. Genes affect personality and may also contribute to changes in various scenarios. Each personality type is also a reflection of the surroundings around a person. However, although one can change their behavior, the fundamentals of their personality usually remain the same. Researchers divide different types into four groups namely A, B, C, and D with each category possessing various characteristics.
Type A individuals are highly independent, ambitious, and self-driven (Ansari et al. 1004). They are also very competitive and, therefore, aggressive and impatient when dealing with others. Many of them are successful because they have an entrepreneurial spirit and are risk takers. Some of them may find it difficult to relax, and they do not tolerate incompetence. On the other hand, type B personalities are relaxed and cheerful. They can easily handle stressful situations and are entertaining and carefree. They are less competitive and handle failures very well. They are patient with others and lead full social lives as they easily connect with others. Type B individuals never complain about anything and are very adaptable.
Type C individuals are thoughtful and critical. They are mostly introverts and are interested in knowing how things functi…

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