Personal Statement 7

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Personal Statement 7

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Unique is a word that best describes my path to medicine. I have overcome many obstacles to get to my full potential, from growing up in a broken home to dropping out of high school at the age of 16 to support myself. All these made me realize that there are many things money could never buy, intelligence being one of them. This awareness prompted me to get my GED at the age of 25, with the intention of building a solid intellectual foundation. In the process, I developed a love for learning which has been my key driving force in undergraduate and medical schools. What is more is that I have a genuine passion for learning and mastery of new contents.
Additionally, I have found Primary Care to be the best fit for me in my clinical course in medical school. I am also drawn to the high learning curve in family medicine. There is a saying that goes “A Family Physician is the jack of all trades but the master of none”; my goal is to be the master of all trades. In clinical rotations, I discovered other reasons why primary care best suited my personality and career goals. The first discovery was my love for teaching. I got great satisfaction from breaking down complex pathological or physiological processes for my patients to understand.
Along with building a strong basic science and clinical foundation, medical school has also helped me build something I have always lacked, self-confidence. I have a reached a level of confidence where I am certain that I can learn almost anyth…

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