Personal finance credit card and checking acct comparision

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Personal finance credit card and checking acct comparision

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Personal Finance Credit Card and Checking Account Comparision
Banks offer a wide variety of services such as saving facilities, cash withdrawals, credit card services and debit card services among others. These banks in the process of providing the said services, they include features other than the most basic ones. The table above represents a comparison of two of the services offered by banks, comparing the features associated with credit cards as stipulated by the two banks and those features that are attached to the checking account service offered by the same banks. The two banks included in the table above are two companies that are listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. The banks are the Qatar National Bank (QNB) and the Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB). This paper analyses the information in the table above on a personal level regarding the aspects I have learnt and the reasons I would prefer a service from one bank to the other.
From the comparison of the two services from both banks and the features attached to them, I have learnt a couple of things. Firstly, banks have differences and similarities in their operations. These similarities and differences feature in the additional services that they offer. Different services take place in different locations. That is, for instance, for one to access the contents of their checking accounts, they have to avail themselves to the very banks they open…

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