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Personal Experience revised

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My experience growing up
I have deep memories of my childhood life growing up. Most of the things I remember is being alongside with my father, I had always been accompanied by him washing the car, mowing the lawn and even riding across the park. My father gave me a duster to help him scrubbing the car carpets. My mother did not like it when I went out to play with the water. One day, I insisted to join my father as he was going fishing. I had never seen a fish before, and this scared me off terribly that I fell from the boat into the water. Luckily enough, my father dived into the lake and rescued me. I was afraid and nervous for the next couple of days, but gradually the fear subsided when I joined the swimming team at the school. As young as I was, I emerged to be the best swimmer and competed against my male counterparts. I would acknowledge that these memories and involvements in my early age have shaped my life. I have won several awards in the swimming competitions, and I was recently employed as a swimming instructor in a neighboring vocational school.
Additionally, being too close to my father made me getting involved with a lot of boy’s activities. I can repair the kitchen sink when it blocks, I can change my car’s tires when I get a puncture, and this has given me a head start in the male-dominated careers. There is a lot I can remember doing something when growing up, but I cherish these memories a lot as they are what made …

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